Having spent over 30 years in the entertainment business, Mike has had the pleasure of entertaining kids from all walks of life and has travelled extensively working with children from as near as Rochdale and as far afield as Romania.

So what makes Mikes Magic Show so Special?

It's a well known fact that kids make great participants but are rarely good spectators. What they really want to do is get involved and be in the middle of the action.

Every show is done with this concept in mind. That is, to let the children participate as much as possible. Mike tailor makes his shows to fit the age and interests of the children, as well as the type of function that he is performing at.

Every child gets to help during the show. Not only do they see the magic, they experience it. Cards are made to magically vanish and reappear right in their hands. Coins are seen to pass through solid objects. Little coloured scarves appear and disappear. Comedy magic is also used for extra fun.
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