We don't claim to be able to turn you into a Magician overnight, but what we can do is provide an interesting, fun, introduction to the world of Magic...
Our Magic Workshops are designed to be Creative, Informative and Fun
These workshops are designed for budding magicians of all ages and are great for kids and adults alike. Each workshop is specially prepared to suit the age group and the number of participants involved...
Each Workshop is broken down into Four specific parts - Not only do those involved learn to perform magic, they also have fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to actually teach magic to each and every person attending the workshop. Our aim is to ensure that everyone will leave being able to perform a number of tricks.
Part 1: Presentation - In this lesson you will learn the importance of proper presentation
Part 2: Misdirection Techniques - In this lesson you will be given some guidelines on misdirection and the part that it plays in your show
Part 3: Construction and Design - Here you will learn how to make some magic props of your own, including: the Bag Gag, Coin Prediction and some simple Card tricks
Part 4: Magic Tricks & Illusions - In this lesson you will be shown a few basic magic tricks and illusions that can be incorporated into your show
Magic Workshops are ideal for after School clubs, Scouts, Brownies, Girl Guides, Youth Groups, Holiday Clubs, Hotels, Family Fun Days, Church Groups and Corporate Team Building.
Workshops can be held in many venues including: Schools, Colleges, Staff Canteens, Community Centres, Village Halls and Private Homes.

The ideal number of participants for one of our workshops is 10 - but it can be scaled for any number of participents. We can also do one-to-one tuition for both adults and children.
All the materials required for the workshop sessions are provided along with detailed instructions to allow you to revise and practice the tricks at home...